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1. License costs are calculated based on the size of the license owner’s company, not the amount of users of the fonts. When selecting a license, please specify how many people that work at the license owner’s company.

2. The license owner is always the company who the typeface is used for—the one “benefitting” from the typeface. Therefore, the license is in most cases purchased by the client, not by the designer.

3. As a designer, you can purchase a license on behalf of your client (the license owner). Just list the client’s company name as the license owner at checkout. Remember that you should still indicate the size of your client’s company (and not your own) when selecting a license.

4. As a designer, you’re allowed to use the fonts that you’ve purchased for your client (the license owner) and install them on your own computers. They must however only be used for activities related to the client (license owner).

5. The one circumstance where you, as a designer, should buy a license for yourself is if you want to use the typeface for your own self-initiated projects.

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