Approximate Type, established in 2021, serves as a distribution platform and catalogue of retail typefaces created by Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen. The typefaces come from disparate starting points, but all share a healthy skepticism (but certainly not disregard) for conventions. While glancing at history, every typeface is an attempt at discovering a new formal sensibility or internal logic. They are amalgams of ambiguous personal preferences and specific visual references, and they are ever-growing and dynamic, continually modified, optimised and expanded.

A note on the name

The word “approximate” is defined as something “close to, but not completely similar”. With this in mind, Approximate Type acknowledges that no type is drawn in a vacuum, but exists inside a wide spectrum of references, historical as well as contemporary—conscious as well as subconscious. At the same time, the name represents a sense of irony and informality in a trade that is rightfully (but sometimes overly) concerned with detail.

Fonts & social injustice

Approximate Type offers free licenses for non-profit projects that combat social injustice such as racism, sexism and homo/transphobia. If you feel like your project qualifies, please send an email to and give a short description of your project. Thank you!

Retail fonts

Fonts can be purchased for both desktop (OTF) and web (WOFF and WOFF2). By buying a license, the license owner is given rights to use the fonts on an unlimited amount of media and websites within one organisation. A license grants perpetual right of use within the specified terms and parameters of the EULA.

Custom type design

In addition to the retail fonts sold on this website, Approximate Type offers to create custom typefaces! A custom typeface is tailored to your specific needs. It can help elevate a project by adding a distinct accent and flavour. Additionally, AT offers to create logotypes, lettering, or even modifications of open source fonts or existing fonts in the retail catalogue.

Trial fonts

You're interested in a font, but not entirely sure about purchasing it? No sweat! Trial fonts can be obtained via the website as OTF-files. Simply make a request via


What is a EULA?

EULA stands for 'End User License Agreement' and is essentially a term-sheet that specifies how typefaces purchased via Approximate Type may, or may not, be used. By purchasing typefaces via this website, you automatically agree to the EULA. You can read it in its entirety on this page.

How do I order a typeface?

Go to the ‘Purchase’-page and select the desired styles. Select a license type and the amount of employees in the company who the fonts will be used for. Click “Add fonts”. Proceed through the Stripe-checkout steps. Once your purchase had been confirmed, you will receive an email containing your font-files and invoice.

Who should buy a license, me or my client?

The company or person who the typeface is used for is always the owner of the license, so in a designer/client relation it would be the client that is listed as the license owner. You, as a designer/agency, are allowed to buy it on their behalf and use your own details for the invoice, but you still need to list your client as the license owner during checkout.

Can I as a designer use a font I've bought for my client?

Yes, you can use the typeface on behalf of your client. But remember that you're only permitted to use it for that specific client.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, students get 50% discount – or rather, for each style you buy, you get another style from the same font family for free. For instance, if you buy two styles, you also get two more for free. After making your purchase, simply get in touch about which additional styles you’d like, and you’ll receive them shortly after.

Am I allowed to make modifications to your fonts?

While I get the impulse, you’re not allowed to modify any Approximate Typefaces. However, feel free to make a request for the desired changes and I will send you a price quote for the work.

Am I allowed to modify certain letters for a logotype?

Yes, for logotypes you're allowed to outline the typeface and modify letters to create ligatures etc. Be aware, however, that you're not permitted to open the font file in Glyphs, change certain characters and export it as a new font.

Can I return a font that I've purchased?

No, unfortunately not. All purchases are final with a one-time fee charged in Euros.

What do I do if the font doesn’t work on my computer?

Approximate Typefaces are optimised to work on both Mac and PC and in the most recent browsers and design applications. However, I cannot give guarantees in relation to the Office-suite. If you discover any issues with the font software, please get in touch and I will work with you to resolve the issue.

What languages do your fonts support?

Language support can be assessed by downloading the PDF specimens which can be found at the top of the page for the typeface in question. In the specimen, you’ll also find the full character sets.

I have previously licensed a font that you recently updated. Can I get the new version?

Definitely! Just send an email with your invoice attached, and I’ll make sure you get the updated version of the font.